Here’s What You Missed at the Massive MotorcyleCity’s Moto Vloggers Meet and Greet 

A jam-packed weekend full of exciting discounts and promos, raffles, test rides, big bike displays, and fun meet and greet with the well-known moto vloggers recently happened at MotorcycleCity Commonwealth branch. The attendees lined up from the entrance up to the second floor to score discounted motorcycle gears—like helmet and gloves—and freebies from various brands such as Spyder, Team Graphitee, and Alpinestars. There were also big bike displays and test rides from KTM, Kawasaki, Benelli, Royal Enfield, and many more!

People went crazy and came running to meet the headlining moto vloggers, Breezy Rider and Reed For Speed. Other aspiring moto vloggers; Downshift Kaycee, Downshift Vinci, Norris John, Zero One Moto, the Zero One Squad, were also present. Thousands of fans were all excited to take selfies with their idols and collect giveaways from them. 

The real party had just begun by 6 p.m., everyone gathered for the moto vloggers night where some of the attendees won helmets from Spyder and EVO Alpinestars, KTM shirts and mugs, and of course, MC merchandise like shirts, ballers, lanyards, and stickers! The crowd enjoyed the snacks and free-flowing alcoholic drinks while listening and dancing to good music performed by the live band. 

It was definitely a fun-filled event that unites all the moto vloggers, motorcycle enthusiasts, and fans! Everyone was part of it, even those who were watching via Facebook Live. It shows their support, talent, interest, and passion when it comes to motorcycles. The essence of socializing with different moto vloggers and motorcycle enthusiasts proves the importance of understanding and learning proper behavior and civic awareness when driving. Moto vlogging does not only revolve around filming road trips or motor tricks, but it can also be a tool as well to educate motorbikers regarding road safety measures and practices. The goal of MotorcycleCity Collaborate is to discuss important matters to consider while having a great time, and it was a success indeed. 

See you at our future events!

—written by Kayla Ramos